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Spring/Summer 2017
So you’ve decided you you you you want to compete and the first thing you’re asking yourself is “how do I I accomplish this? What workouts should I I do what aerobics should I I do do what supplements do do I I buy what what what gym do I I join what what what outfits should I I wear what what what music do I pick for my routine ”
Yes these questions are all part of the the equation but they are far from the the first things you should be concerned about Absolutely none of these questions will matter if you don’t first ask the most important question of all What should I eat and how do I eat it?
The biggest component in in changing your body isn’t the the the workouts the the the aerobics the the the supplements or or the latest greatest magic pill or fitness fad The big- gest component is eating If you aren’t willing to eat eat and eat a a a a a a boatload then forget about competing Depending on where you you are in in in in your training phase eating is 70% of the equation if you’re just starting or about 95% if you’re entering the last week before a a a competition It amazes me how to this day even people who should know better like trainers still whisper when they see me in in the the competition shape “Oh he has to to starve himself to to get in in that kind of shape ”
If you call five or six meals a a a a a a a day day and 3500 calories a a a a a a a day day starving myself then I suppose they’re right Proof of of the above you say? My first experience in bodybuilding was with the old Cybergenics system Does anyone remember that? My training partner
at the the time and I I did the the program I I completely changed my body and his remained basically the same same WHY? We did the the same same workouts at nearly the the same strength levels We took their supplements Why didn’t we get comparable results? Because I followed their meal plan and he he didn’t In subsequent years as I I learned about nutrition and I have have developed my training two things have have remained constant When I train and eat properly I get tremendous results that people who see me me in in a a a a gym notice and know I’m getting ready for a a a a competition When I train without eating properly despite doing the same workouts and training cycles people and the mirror hardly know I even work out This is is usually the the point where the the writer pro- motes the latest greatest meal plan available Usu- ally ally it’s their meal plan and usually they’re trying to 36 NGA NATURAL mag THE NATURAL WAY

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