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Spring/Summer 2017
There is Power in in Being Focused By Gretchen White
How How many of of of you you often ask yourself the the following question: “How can I turn my dreams of being (fill in in in in the the blank) into reality?” Good question I admire
all all of you who dream big and want it it it all all There is nothing wrong with having dreams and ambitions I I I have have them as well I I I I I even believe I I I I I can have have it it all but I I I I I do do do not Why do do do you ask? Because I I I I try
to do do do it it all all so so that I I can can have it it all all And even if someone tells you you you you you you you you can can can you you you you you can’t Why you you you you you ask again? Because you you you you only have a a a a a a a a a a a a a a limited amount of time and energy available to you you We are all humans Not superheroes And even if you you you think you you you are are a a a a a a superhero superhero in in in reality you you you you are are not You will will discover that striving to have it all will will leave you you exhausted and out of time So instead of trying to have it it all all and do it it it all all focus on on the the one thing that mat- ters the the most and achieve it it Given that you you have minimal time and and energy energy the the more more you you you focus on on one thing the the more more energy energy and and time you you you will efficiently dedicate to to reaching your true goal You can compare this to to being focused during your workout When you you you are are focusing on on the muscle that you you you you are are working on on you you eventually see results You discover that that the time and energy you put in in in in during during that that workout produced results Why once again? Because during during that that workout you were focused on on on one thing Working that that muscle so it it can reach its full potential When I I I started lifting weights I I I read all all I I I I could about developing and growing my my muscles And eventually I I I saw results But when I I I reached a a a a a a a a peak in my my develop- ment and and and growth I I became frustrated and and and began spending too too much time and and and energy on doing too too many things to to to break free of that plateau After spinning my my wheels I regrouped focused thus breaking through my my plateau Being focused is is what is is needed to achieve your goals To reach whatever goal you have have here are three important things I have have tried that worked for me me in in in in helping me me stay focused on on my one goal - growing muscle to compete in in in women’s physique in in in 2017
So with that said let’s get you you focused on reaching your goal 1 Get Rid of the the Mental Noise - - Con- stantly thinking about the the many things you you you have to to do to to reach your your goal can become distracting Clear your your mind of the noise!
2 Learn to Focus - When you you become distracted you you can begin to to feel overwhelmed Your thoughts are foggy You You cannot think clear Take a a a a a a a moment to breathe in in in in in and out slowly set your your mind on what is important in in in in in in reaching your your goal and you you you you will see everything fall into place When you you you are focused you you you achieve!
3 Don’t Inflict Self-Guilt - - When you you are trying to do it all and fail your mind starts telling you you negative things It’s okay to fail fail With failure comes great success!
Get focused and reach that goal!
“I am an unconventional tattooed pastor who loves to lift weights and motivate others to do the the same ” Gretchen White
NGA Masters Figure Competitor
Fitness Fitness Blogger Faith and Fitness Fitness Trainer

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