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Spring/Summer 2017
sell it to to you Not happening here I’m not trying to to sell you anything other than the the truth Be assured I have tried nearly every meal plan there is over the the course of thirty-five years and there’s only one that has consistently taken me to and below 3% body fat levels If you look at at most of the meal plans in use today they are patterned after (though few will admit it) this one plan Why? Because it it it works Period The meal plan was written ages ago It has been tweaked and and re-written by many gurus and and pre- sented as as as their own but no variation has surpassed the original or or outlived it The meal plan is in in a a a a book written by Bill Reynolds and and Negrita Jayde and and is entitled “Sliced ”
The meal plan is based on keep- ing you in in as as close a a a a a state of ketosis as as possible and manipulating your metabolism into a a a a a fat burning zone while maintaining and adding lean muscle mass Few people ever achieve what are considered
“zero body fat’ levels of 3% or less especially without the the use of steroids or other drugs I have achieved a a a fat level of 2 9% I accomplished it repeatedly using the Sliced meal plans and despite many foolish attempts to improve on the the meal plan by trying the the latest great- est meal plan available I discovered the meaning
of a a a very wise statement “If it it ain’t broke don’t fix it it ”
This meal plan has worked for decades on both gen- ders and and all age groups It has been re-written and and modified many times over the years for one simple reason it works I could spend pages explaining but it’s more beneficial just to to go to to the source instead of listen- ing to me jabber Pick yourself up a a copy of “Sliced” and and get results If you have questions write me and and I’ll give you my two cents worth In future articles I I will present aerobic and train- ing ing methods to start reducing your fat levels and let your muscles show Until then train train hard train train smart and stay natural my friends n n n n Mike Hamill is is is is an an NGA Certified Personal Trainer with with twenty-six years of bodybuilding experience He is is is is is a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a multiple Mr Utah and and regional Masters Champion with with consistent top five finishes on on on on on on national national and and world levels Known as as as “The Bodybuilding Poet” Mike has been published fin in in in several international fitness publications You may sample his creative side at at at at at at at at www reverbnation com/ mikehamill mikehamill or or contact him with questions at at at at at at at PO Box 676 Park City Utah 84060 or or email at at at at at at at themikehamill@gmail com NGA NATURAL mag 37

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