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Spring/Summer 2017
now a a a a a CBS Sports TV and Radio personality started the Foundation 25 years ago when his son was diagnosed with the disease at birth President Bostinto states “The NGA welcomes each of the various Bodybuilding and Fitness organizations that will be joining this historic event where proceeds will go to the Cystic Fibrosis charity This is is is the first in in our industry The NGA is is is not only proud to be the the sanctioning body for the the oldest and most prestigious title of Mr America
but also honored to be part of the first major Bodybuilding/Fitness event that is aligned with a a a charity ” The competitions in the SUPERSTAR WEEKEND will have a a a division for for everyone If you qualify for for one you qualify for all Here are the NGA events that will be taking place during the Mr America
Fitness Festival Weekend:
NGA Pro Mr America
(Bodybuilding Open) NGA Pro Mr America
(Physique Open) NGA Amateur Mr America
(Bodybuilding Open) NGA Amateur Mr America
(Bodybuilding Masters) NGA Amateur Mr America
(Bodybuilding Teens) NGA America
Amateur Men’s Physique NGA America
Amateur Men’s Classic Physique NGA America
Amateur Women’s Bikini
NGA America
Amateur Women’s Figure
NGA America
Amateur Women’s Fitness NGA America
Amateur Women’s Physique Photo: 1st Mr America
- Bert Goodrich
Bostinto decreed “As President of the NGA I urge all competitors who qualify to to enter one or or more competitions in this prestigious and momentous event When you receive an email from MrAmerica com notifying you you that you you have qualified we implore you to register and compete This is is our our big event our our mountain top the Super Bowl of Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Don’t
let this opportunity pass you by ” For a a a list of all the competitions that weekend further information or or to to register to to compete please go to to www mramerica com or to to present any questions and/or comments please email them to: info@mramaerica com n n NGA NATURAL mag

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