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Spring/Summer 2017
As mentioned above the whole diet matters Micronutrients mac- ronutrients food food sensitivities food food allergies diseases such as as diabetes and everything in in between must be considered whenever we’re talking about nutrition It is easy to over eat sugary foods and drinks because they are usually lower in both fiber and overall volume This means that they are less filling (remember
the soda example) When on a a a calorie-restricted diet satiety is key to preventing overeating Less fiber = less filling This is is a a presentation of the cur- rent research Research is always changing Things we believed
10 years years ago ago 5 years years ago ago or even a a a a a a year ago have changed What we believe today can be be changed tomorrow but that is the beauty of science All we can do is use the best current research along with critical thinking to come up with conclusions I look forward to being enlightened by the changes to come! I’m never an expert but always a a a student n n hungry you will be This means that overeating and bingeing is less likely Sugary foods (with fruit being the exception) tend to be be low in fiber fiber and fiber fiber makes us feel full This means that while eating sugary foods may not make you you fat it will leave you you hungry and prevent you from getting all the benefits of fiber Even though it seems that sugary foods will not negatively impact body compo- sition they are not as nutrient dense as other carbohydrate sources such as fruits vegetables and whole grains If you swap
a a a a a sweet potato for a a a a a can of soda you’ll be cutting out a a a great deal of fiber vitamins and minerals even though according to the research your body composition will not be negatively impacted Sugary foods also tend to have less “food bulk bulk ” By food food bulk bulk I mean amount of food volume When you are in a a a caloric deficit and have limited macronutrients to to work with you’re going to to want to to stick to to higher bulk foods so you you get more bulk for your buck!
To demonstrate food bulk here are some foods that have about the same carbohydrate content as 1 1 can of soda: 5 rice cakes 1 1 large (180g) sweet potato 1 1 cup of rice or 3 cups of sliced strawberries It’s clear that there is less food bulk with the soda One possible advantage of working some sugary foods into your diet is improved adherence If fitting some cookies or ice cream into your daily macronu- trients cures your sweet tooth to to prevent a a “shark week” binge it’s worth it! Research shows that the the most important factor in the the success or or failure of a a nutrition or or training plan is adherence Is
your diet or training program sustain- able? It better be be Practical aPPlicationS
Do I include sugar in in my diet? No Why? Because back when the research showed that sugar was bad for bodybuilding and phy- sique goals I cut it out and thus no longer craved it However if I did want a a a a sugary treat I would have it Dr Nicholas M Licameli PT PT DPT NGA Pro Bodybuilder nlicamelidpt@gmail com Love Passion Respect Humility Nick’s passion lies between his love for the journey of bodybuilding education spreading happiness and and helping others He views bodybuilding through the the the eyes of a a a a a a a a physical physical therapist and and physical physical therapy therapy through the the the eyes of of of a a a a a a a a a a bodybuilder bodybuilder Nick is a a a a a a a a a a doctor of of of physical therapy therapy and a a a a a a a a a a professional natural bodybuilder bodybuilder He graduated summa cum laude from Ramapo College of New Jersey with his bachelor’s degree in biology then furthered his his education by completing his his doctoral degree in in physical therapy from Rutgers School of Biomedical and Health Sciences (previously the the University of of of of Medicine and and Dentistry of of of of New Jersey) at the the age of of of of 24 His knowledge of of of of sport and and exercise biomechanics movement quality and the practical application of research combined with personal experience in in in bodybuilding and nutrition allows him to help people in in in truly unique ways ways Never an an expert Always a a a a a a student Love your journey NGA NATURAL mag

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