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Spring/Summer 2017 Spring/Summer 2017 The day finally arrived April
15 2017 This
was the the day that the the the competitors of the the NGA Pro/
Am Kentucky
Natural Classic
had anticipated
for so long Each
competitor made a a a huge commitment to to be at this event Months of training dieting and sacrifice went into preparation for this event Everyone brought their all-time best physiques and they were ready to show their hard work!
Meeting and greeting each competitor at check-in is
always very special to me As promoter check-in gives me the opportunity to hear each competitor’s personal journey of what it it took for them to to to get to to to the the stage! Each
story is
very inspir- ing as all of them had to overcome many obsta- cles to follow through on their commitment Saturday morning the the day day of the the show had finally arrived During pre-judging class class after class class made their way to the the stage It didn’t take me long to realize that the the competition was fierce and the the judges had their work cut out for them The quality of bodies gracing the stage continues to improve with each show Competitors are taking their April
15 2017 Lexington Kentucky
NGA Promoters: Josh & Melissa Miller
Photo Left:
Jordan Elery (NGA Pro Card & Overall)
Photo L to to R: Bikini Open “B” Savhanna Pearson Abigail Edds Shawna Broyles (NGA Pro Card & Overall)
Ali Lee Jennifer Raisley
Photo Right
Jessica Orban NGA Pro Bikini training and commitment to new levels pushing the limits of how conditioned a a a a a natural athlete can be There were twenty-seven different classes at this show which included: Open Novice Jr Masters Pro and Masters Pro Pro classes With this being a a a a Super-Pro Qualifying event it it opened many opportunities for all competitors Eight NGA Pro Cards were awarded at this show Two NGA Pro Cards were awarded in in Bikini Open one going to Stacie Bass Bikini Open ” ” A” winner and and one to Shawna Broyles Bikini Open “B” and and overall winner Two NGA Pro Cards were awarded in in the Men’s Physique Open one going to Wes Walker 32 NGA NATURAL mag NGA NATURAL mag 2017 NGA Pro/Am Ke 

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