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NGA Promoters: James & Bianca Purtell www utahngabodybuilding com com • ptutah95@aol com com Spring/Summer 2017
as earning an NGA Pro
Card of their own As the the physique men entered the stage it looked like a a model shoot on some beach in the Caribbean with chiseled physiques photogenic faces and smiles wearing a a a a variety of brightly colored board shorts There was was no doubt that the Men’s Physique was was a a a a favorite as the the women in the the audience cheered and swooned over the the sight of these well-built athletic men! The title on this night would go to Justin McDonald Not to be outdone the 12 and under athletes Mayson Rockwood and Kaya Turner flexed their muscles and gave the the audience a a a a peek of of the future of of natural athletics! It was an an instant crowd pleaser and enjoyed by all After intermis- sion the the Figure Class took the the stage and displayed their strong athletic muscles They were equally received by the audience with excitement and Photos L to to R:
Justin McDonald Overall Physique NGA Pro
Card Lisa McGonegal Overall Figure Spencer Smith Overall Bodybuilder NGA Pro
Card Traci Andreason Overall Bikini NGA Pro
Card Photos by:
North Light Photography Matthew Paepke
appreciation These women proved that muscle does look good on on a a a a woman and being strong can be feminine as well! The title would go to long time veteran and and figure standout Lisa McGone- gal To finish the the night the the Men’s Bodybuilders took over the stage and displayed lots of muscles These men fought long and and hard and and when it was all said and done Spencer Smith would take home the title of NGA NGA Mr Utah 2017
and his NGA NGA Pro
Card All in all the show was a a a tremendous success and and James and and Bianca are already looking forward to September 30th when athletes from all over the the west will converge on on the the Peery’s Egyptian Theater in Ogden Utah for the the 2017
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