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Spring/Summer 2017
Jonathon Aggen is is not only an an an an NGA NGA NGA Promoter Judge and and former NGA NGA NGA Pro Pro Natural Bodybuilder he he he is is also the the go-to resource for for the the NGA NGA in terms of of Insurance and and Investment Services Services As the the owner of of Midwest Invest- ment ment ment Services Services he he works for his clients as an an an Independent Insurance Agent and and Investment Advisor Rep He offers the advantages o of of working with an an an an an an an insurance and and invest- ment professional who not only can be a a a a a a a a a a one-stop-shop for his his clients clients (in terms of of o of offering all lines of of o of business and and personal insurance) but he he can also assist his his his clients clients with protecting and and and growing their assets as as as well This
is in in in in terms of wealth management and and retirement planning Over the last few months Jonathon has been work-
ing diligently to establish relationships with key strategic partners in in fin in the insurance and financial services industry This
is is so he can provide optimal insurance and investment solutions to not only his everyday clients but the NGA members as as well Most notably he has negotiated a a a a a a nation- wide special events insurance deal with a a a a a company which specializes in in special special events insurance policies In addition to Event Liability he has come up with Life Insurance solu- tions that are custom tailored for natural athletes He is also licensed for home auto personal and commercial general liability (for business owners) as as well as as worker’s compen- sation and Medicare supplement insurance To summarize some of the benefits that Jonathon is bringing to the NGA include:
• Being an an INDEPENDENT Agent Broker and Investment professional he he works for his Clients not the compa- nies that are providing the solutions • He has access to over 50 different companies (for insur- ance alone) to ensure competitive rates • If you you are a a a business owner you you will receive a a a FREE Business Ad in in the NGA Calendar • He only works with companies that do not impose minimum business volume which insures that he will put your interests first not those of the companies providing the policies • His Clients Clients are are more than just Clients Clients they are are PARTNERS • Reduced premium expenses on event insurance poli- cies for promoters and chairpersons • Life insurance policies that are custom tailored for natural athletes • Competitive pricing on on all lines of business personal insurance needs including Home Auto Life Business/Personal Liability Workers Compensation etc • He will take the time to learn about your personal situation and make recommendations on on on insurance and investments that are the best suited for your needs (without cost or or or obligation) for a a a consultation or or or to run a quote • He can be your “ONE-STOP-SHOP” for all INSURANCE and INVESTMENT solutions • He is not only your your central point-of-contact for all your your insurance needs but has already done the research to provide the LOW-COST EVENT LIABILITY INSURANCE for all promoters/chairpersons by reducing their oper- ating expenses and streamlining the entire process to minimize wasted time for all parties Please contact Jonathon today if you are a a a a a a promoter/ chairperson with a a show coming up up to setup your event insurance (at a a a a a a specially negotiated rate which represents a a a significant reduction in in premiums and therefore reducing your operating expenses as a a a business owner) Or if you you are an an athlete who may need a a a a a a a complimentary insurance or investment consultation or just want to discuss your per- sonal situation to see if he he can be of service and help you protect (and grow) your your Health
& Wealth
for your your future He might be able to help you you in ways you’ve never thought about He can be reached at at his office (located inside o of the Legacy Investment Services Corporate Headquarters) at at (309-699-8888 x122) via email at Jon@midwestinsurance co or through a a a a a private message on Facebook at at https://www facebook com/jwaggen n n 16

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