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Spring-Summer 2021
efforts in in the gym The key is to take things slow and controlled after you are reversed out properly from your last contest A general rule of thumb is to post- reverse and aim for 0 5-1% increase in in bodyweight a a a a month if if you you are an experienced lifter (4+ years) If you you are a a a a beginner you can aim higher (1 – 1
5%/month) because you will be be able to add on lean mass faster due to larger adaption ability Note that individual differences need to to be accounted for so don’t get too hung up on this range (To learn more about adapta- tion tion differences see my article “Window of Adaptation” NGA Winter 2018 ) TRaINING WITHOUT a a a PLaN
When it comes to your training do you you approach it the same way you you you did when you you you started? Do you you you have an appropriate progression system for volume in in place within your cycle? What do do you you do do to to auto- regulate performance and recovery? These are some of the questions you you should be asking and if you you are unsure continue reading!
I’ve seen it time time and time time again where a a a a body- builder has seen great results in in in their earlier training days by implementing a a a random workout routine but still expects to see these same results as they progress and they don’t One of the the reasons why this happens is is because as as a a a a beginner it is is easier to see growth results as you implement a a a random workout routine as as long as as you are intelligent and consistent How- ever the problem begins as you get more advanced especially if you are a a a a a a a drug-free athlete as a a a a a a a random workout routine will no longer be as as effective as as it had been previously As you advance it is important
to get more precise with your training An intelligent plan isn’t just designating body parts to a a a a specific day and running with it it it or or taking on your favorite enhanced athlete’s “leg day” as a a a a a a means to elicit the results you are looking for because this misses a a a lot of specific individual needs and variables that need need to be accounted for It falls back to the tried-and-true principal in in exer- cise physiology called the SAID principal This stands for Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands To put it simply if i you you want specific results you you need to do specific things things If you you do do random things things you you will get random results Once you get past the beginner stage I highly recommend getting a a a a real plan in in place for growth It’s a a a a combination between art and science to get a a a a a successful plan in in place for each individual This will require you to to to to have a a a professionally designed program to regulate volume intensities and recovery within the the training cycle By leaving the the ego out and allowing a a a a professional to to design a a a a protocol this will allow you to take the next step in development and progression to a better physique These are two major problems I see within the phy- sique athlete community but if you are coachable and truly have a a a desire to become better the best athletes minus their ego can make the the necessary changes Begin by reviewing these two key areas mentioned in the the article and then see what you you can apply to your own journey to make your body better In the next issue I will review a a a couple more mistakes that should be avoided in order to to help you to to develop an even better physique n about the author: Chad Adamovich is is owner owner of of IRONSCIENCE and co-owner of of P4P Muscle He has spent over half a a a a a a a a a decade with his pursuit of education in in Exercise Science and and Sports Nutrition In addition he he holds the credentials as a a a a a a a a Certified Strength and and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) Chad has an an an an unparalleled passion for for the research science and and application behind sports performance nutrition and and hypertrophy He has has devoted the the majority of his life to helping athletes at at at the the youth collegiate and and pro level in in numerous sports His experience is is is vast and and has has included being a a a a a a a Director Director for for Athletic Republic Director Director of Training & Development for for a a a a a a a multi-club franchise and more To get additional free professional training advice follow IronScience on on on on Instagram com@ironscience_pro

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