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Spring-Summer 2021
Significant Mistakes
in Muscle Growth
Part 1
By: Nick Licameli
BY CHAD ADAMOVICH CSCS WWW P4PMuSCLE COM MOFIGHTER19@HOTMAIL COM The ultimate goal for a a a a a a a a a a a physique athlete athlete is to to bring their best package to the the stage Addi- tionally an athlete should focus on on beating
their previous best each time they compete To do this it usually takes
further growth and development or better conditioning Trying to grow more muscle comes down to applying the best science possible to be be effective while also matching an athlete’s individual needs This takes
a a a a professional’s experience and education to dial this in I have more mistakes to to cover in the future but to to get you started here are a a a a a few big mistakes some athletes make when trying to grow STaYING TOO LEaN YEaR-ROUND
season can be a a a difficult process for some athletes due to them not feeling comfortable with how they feel or look in in in their own skin during the the the off-season Psychologically it can be hard to go from a a a a a lean physique physique to an an an ideal physique physique for growth and development Staying too lean will hinder the ability for an an athlete to grow in the off season and we cer- tainly don’t want to to carry too much fat because this will make your your competition prep for your your next contest a a a lengthier process With this being said it’s critical to bring the body body back to healthy bodyfat levels For growth to to happen it is important
to to be in a a a caloric surplus with sufficient protein to maximize your 8 NGA NATURALmag

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