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Spring-Summer 2021
Sizzling Summer Classic
Promoter: Donna French
www indiananaturalbodybuilding com dfrench@abouttimefitness com Summer Classic
looked inevitable as as as well But for many that had worked hard they were watching their their pas- sions disrupted and their their dreams being stripped away “In a a a a a a a a a a year of uncertainty fear and loss we found a a a a a a a a a a a a way to bring back some normalcy for our natural bodybuilding community ” said French
After put- ting numerous safeguards in in in in in in place including tem- perature checks social distancing masks and good old fashion common sense the the show show went forward Originally the the show show was scheduled to take place at the local technical college but was moved to French’s own warehouse where staging lighting and sound were incorporated to make the show a a a a a a a reality August 1
was a a a a a a day of firsts and it would be the the first first first first NGA NGA show show show in Indiana French’s first first first first show show show show as as a a a a a a a promoter and the the the the first first first NGA NGA show show show show com- ing ing out out of the the the the COVID closures It was the the the the show show show that gave gave us us hope! The 2020
Southern Indiana Sizzling Summer Classic
also gave gave us us 4 new NGA PROS! n n n n n n Left:
Mallory Waldmann
Bikini - Open NGa PRO Card
Christopher Shelton
Bodybuilding - Open NGa PRO Card
& Overall

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