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Spring-Summer 2021
NGA Southern Indiana Sellersburg IN august 1
The year year 2020
will will be be be be remembered for for a lot of not so positive things but for Southern Indiana it will be remem-
bered as the the year the the NGA came to to town When Donna French
an an NGA competitor per- sonal trainer and owner of fitness facilities was approached in in 2019 she she jumped at at the chance to become a a a a a a promoter Little did she she know that her inaugural year would be filled with such challenges In March of 2020
the world shut down for gym gym own- ers ers and and and gym gym goers and and and it was devastating “I remember watching our governor announce the shut-down and and and and I remember feeling helpless and and afraid ” said French
For the the competitors passionate about their trade you simply find a a a a a a a a way Shows were were cancelling venues were were refusing to to allow promoters to to hold their shows and cancellation for the the the Southern Indian Sizzling Left:
William Otterson
Physique - Open NGa PRO Card
Amy Evert
Figure - Open NGa PRO Card

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