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Spring-Summer 2021
Promoters: Darrell DeVor & Rick Pierre
dwdevor@gmail com rick@onthemovefitnessfl com Orlando FL June 5 2021
Daniel Walker
Classic Physique - Open LW NGa PRO Card & Overall and Bodybuilding - Open LW NGa PRO Card & Overall PRO Physique - Open L-R: Marcus Harris Keith Macintosh Anderson Moise
is definitely the premier natural athlete to to watch for many years to come The title of Mr & Ms NGA Florida was awarded to our our Men’s Bodybuilding Over- all all Champion Champion Daniel Walker
and our our Bikini Overall Champion Champion Mariabelle Poucher respectively Next year we are looking forward to a a a a a a a two- day day day event showcasing amateur bodybuilders on on on on day day day one and the the professionals on on on on day day day two The 2022 event will be be held in the the the beautiful grand ballroom of of the the Hilton of of Altamonte Springs Florida on on on June 4th and and and 5th and and and we look forward to seeing you there! n n n n n n Best In Class - 1st Place
L-R: Darrell DeVor Jeremiah Wright John Romano
The The 1st Annual NGA Florida Florida state Natural Championships & The The Florida Florida PRo

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