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Spring-Summer 2021 Spring-Summer 2021 The The 1st Annual NGA Florida Orlando FL June 5 2021 &The L-R: Lex Kovacs David Mackey Cat Burke Trevor Sjdak Todd Elliott Al Acevedo Jenny Rodriguez Hakim Bay
The 1st Annual NGA Florida Florida State Natural Championships
& the the Florida Florida Pro is is in in the the books This contest drew bodybuilding
professionals and amateurs from around the the country This show was one of of the the largest most most anticipated and most most talked about natural events of of of 2021 to date The promoters of of of the contest were Darrell DeVor & Rick Pierre
of of of Lake Mary Florida The event was held on June 5th in in the the grand ball- room of the the Lake Lake Mary Mary Marriott in in Lake Lake Mary Mary Florida Athletes came from from 12 different states including Alaska and and from from all over Florida Florida to take their shot at at at becoming an an an NGA Florida Florida State Champion and and winning The Flor- ida ida Pro This was a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a stay where you compete venue with an an an amazing expo for the the athletes and and spectators which also hosted a a a a a a a a a a a a standing room only crowd to to support the the athletes Our HD Livestream which was provided by Subculture Media and included multiple camera angles coupled with live commentary was viewed by more than 1000 people world-wide from 5 different countries We were lucky to to have as our special guests the the owners of the the NGA Andy and Francine Bostinto who

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