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Spring-Summer 2021
Hello! My name is is Honey L L Arnold I I I I was born on October 14 1976 I am a a wife mother mother grandmother sister daugh- ter a a friend and I I AM A A A DOMESTIC ABUSE SUR- VIVOR My story began in the summer of 2005 I met a a a man who would change my life forever At first he was was kind gentle and loving I was was in in in awe of this man that treated my children with respect and love I fell head over heels with him because he treated me like a a a queen We soon moved into together but after 6 months I started seeing a a a big change in in him an aggressive side At first I chalked it up as he was just “having a a a a a a a bad day” but that aggressive side soon turned into violence At this point he started hitting choking and punching me He also began to continuously tell me that I was worthless but after each violent act he apolo- gized Because I I I thought I I I was in love I I I forgave him each time Soon he had me me convinced that I was worthless and I no longer had any self-confi- dence or fight left in me This cycle continued for a a a long 7 years He had totally broken me me but it didn’t stop me me from agreeing to marry him We had been married
for 2 months when he he broke my eye socket and I ended up with a a a a spinal cord injury that landed me with a a a a a metal plate and 4 screws I was told by the surgeon I should have been paralyzed from the waist down but after no time at all the abuse had me back back for my second back back surgery with another plate and more screws again This time around I 42 NGA NATURALmag

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