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Spring-Summer 2021
NGA 10th Annual Gator Orlando FL april 10 2021
Matt ammann with Judges L-R: Todd Elliott Chance Schwartz Matt ammann John Hansen Michael Ives Nebetcher Hak Bey
The 10th Annual NGA Gator Classic came in in in in with a a a a a a a a a a growl! It was back to its normal spring-time slot and and hosted by the Rosen Shingle Creek in in Orlando Florida on April 10 2021
Promoter Matt Ammann stated “This is is the largest NGA Gator Classic to to date!” With over 100 athletes the show was a a a a huge success! It started with an amazing rendition of the 36 NGA NATURALmag
national anthem performed by Brielle Marie Matt said “It was then my very special honor to have Andrew Bostinto NGA President and and Founder and and Francine Bostinto NGA Vice President at the show ” It was my absolute pleasure to have as as as the head judge 3-time Natural Natural Mr Mr Universe and Natural Natural Mr Mr Olympia John Hansen 

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