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Spring-Summer 2021
Post Contest Pitfalls
You’ve prepped for for months put your your body through unspeakable stress and restricted your calories preparing for the The overindulgence began soon after the the prejudging It did not stop there as as days of binge eating turned into weeks Every day day I I I was con-
big day and once the awards are presented and you you walk off the stage what do you you think happens? Well you guessed it! You rush to eat all the foods that were forbidden during contest prep and start binging This is is when things go off course because your body is anxious to to return to to some sort of normalcy As your your body is is reaching its homeostasis your your appetite has increased and your metabolism has slowed down sumed with thoughts about food food I I I even ate ate food food that I I I I never craved before like chocolate candy and and cookies Basically I I I I ate ate all all all the foods I I I I deprived myself from eating for nearly 3 years I I I finally decided to seek help and visit a a a a a a a a a a nutritionist After her evaluation she she recommended I see see a a a a a a a a a medical professional because she she believed that my hor- mone levels levels were were compromised and in in order order to determine what those levels levels were were she ordered a a a a blood panel This Is My Story Following the the the advice of the the the nutritionist my primary care physician performed the the the the blood panel and the the the results showed a a a a a a a a a a a a hormone hormone imbalance imbalance My physician acknowledged the the the hormone hormone imbalance imbalance may account for for the the the physiological effects effects that I was experiencing but not for for the the the psychological effects effects of the the behavior It was at at this point that she recom- mended I I seek advice from a a a a a a psychologist It was was November 9 9 2019 and I I was was competing
in in in in in my 10th contest in in in in in less than 3 years The binge eating started even before the the the show show was over Leading up to to to to the the the show show I I I strived to to to to be be the the the lean-
est competitor on stage In my prep I I I was able to to to to reach a a a a a a a a a a a a dangerously low body fat percentage of 3 percent percent I I I I I actually stated to friends “I don’t care if I I I I I win or lose as as long as as I I I I I am the leanest ” I I I I I wound up I decided to seek out the assistance of a a a a a a psychol- ogist who specifically dealt with eating disorders and made made my first appointment Shortly thereafter this visit she made made some recommendations which I I followed and after just a a a a a a a couple of of months I I I started to to to to return to to to to some some sort of of normalcy I I I continue to to to to strive and sometimes I I I still struggle to to to to find a a a a a a a place of balance where I I feel good about my body both physically and mentally placing 3rd in in that show and although I I was prob- ably the leanest on stage I I most likely sabotaged my my chances to to place better due to to my my quest for leanness 

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