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Spring-Summer 2021
Promoters: Josh & Melissa Miller
www kentuckynaturalbodybuilding com josh@transformationpersonaltraining com Bikini - - Open
L-R: Jocelyn Lewis Rebecca Utley Lisa Smart Dorothy Bowles Charity Howard Barbara Moreira-Curran Emily Diaz Figure - - Novice
L-R: Chris Cavanaugh Michelle Hoeft For those who have never been to a a competi- tion before pre-judging (where judges score the athletes) takes place in in the the late morning with the the evening portion (tiebreakers individual routines awards) starting in in the the midafternoon All the the athletes gave it their best and several of the the clas- sifications saw some fierce competition as there were 5 to to 8 competitors involved in in each Two of the classifications had to do a a a a a tiebreaker in in the evening Rebecca Utley Marissa Richard
portion to determine the winners and final place- ment Based on the competitiveness in this show one could see the amount of sacrifice discipline and commitment needed to to be on stage Hats off to to all who participated!!!
There were 11 NGA PRO Cards earned with several athletes earning more than one: Dennis Barnes (Men’s Physique Masters) Heather Matthews
Kentucky Natural Classic 

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