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Spring-Summer 2021
Jupiter Jupiter FL
Tracy simonds
What a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a great start to the 2021
competi- tive season! The Inaugural NGA Jupi- ter Natural Physique Championship
was a a a a a a a a a a a a huge success! Everyone had an an amaz- ing time and we we awarded 3 well deserved athletes their NGA PRO Cards The atmosphere at at at Jupiter Community High School was was uplift- ing competitive and the the audience was was full of of enthusiasm for the the sport of of natural bodybuild- ing Thank you to everyone that participated and aided in in this year’s event We could not run such a a a a a a a a well-organized show without each and and and every one of you you Thank you you to to our spon- sors and and and to to my co-promoters Lara Buck and and and Dr Maureen Condon Kelly who are literally the reason this show exists Thank you!
The following recived their NGA PRO Card: Jen- nifer Koenig (Bikini Open) Keith McIntosh (Phy- sique sique Open) and James Drake (Classic Physique 0pen) Here are are a a a a a few quotes about what people are are saying about this year’s show:
“For the the first show of the the year and a a a new one at at that it was excellent well run on time and smooth as can be huge shout out out to all that made it it happen Also the level of competition was outstanding honored to be a a a a part of it ”
- Dennis Hobart
“It was a a a a a wonderful show!! Great athletes and competition and a a a a very organized show catering to the athlete Thank you for letting me be a a a a part of it! I truly love this industry and the NGA is is a a great place to be!”
- Katie Parris Catlow
“Today was incredible! I’m so grateful that the NGA welcomes bodies like mine who are on a a journey of bettering themselves each and every time! And I I did something different today too I I stepped out of my comfort zone and did Beach Body It was such a a a a a fantastic event well orga- nized I enjoyed myself to the fullest ”
- Heaven Colon
“This was was my first show and it was was great here comes June 5th ”
- Robin Thompson
“Thank you everyone for the experience notes and fun!!! I’ll be back next year ”
- Cristina Rokicki
Our 2nd Annual NGA Jupiter Natural Physique Championships will be held in in the spring of 2022 I hope you will be able to join us Check out our website at www ngaJupiternpc com for more details We will also be hosting the NGA Thunder Classic on July 31st in Deland Florida and and the NGA Hurricane Classic on Labor Day Weekend which will be be held Saturday September 4 2021
It is going to be an amazing 2021
competitive season here in Central Florida! n n n n NGA NATURALmag 25
NGA Jupiter Jupiter Natural Physique Championships 

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