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Spring-Summer 2021
Promoters: Josh & Melissa Miller
www kentuckynaturalbodybuilding com josh@transformationpersonaltraining com Left:
Jamaal Williams
PRO Classic Phys - Open 1st Place
Bodybuilding - Open LW NGa PRO Card & Overall Right:
Thay Htoo
Physique - Open LW NGa PRO Card & Overall Classic Physique - Open NGa PRO Card The Figure Open classes were also large with Robyn Torgrimson-Luke
earning her NGA PRO Card by winning Figure Open “A” and Elizabeth Paul earn- ing ing her NGA PRO Card by winning Figure Open “B” Robyn Torgrimson-Luke
would also go on on to win the Figure Overall The Bikini Open class was a a a very close competi- tion as
every competitor looked amazing and this made it very difficult for the judges Emily Thomas
would take 1st place in in Bikini Open “A” and Paula Anderson would win Bikini Open “B” In a very close overall showdown Emily Thomas
would be announced the Bikini Overall champion thus earn- ing her NGA PRO Card The Classic Physique Open division was very entertaining and a a a a a lot of fun to watch Each compet- itor displayed a a a a a a unique glance at at that classic golden era bodybuilding look In a a a close competition Thay Htoo
would earn his NGA PRO Card by winning the Classic Physique division Thay Htoo
was not finished and crossed over NGA NATURALmag
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