P. 18

Spring-Summer 2021
Lexington KY September 26 2020
Emily Thomas
Bikini - Open Short NGa PRO Card & Overall Bikini - Masters 35+ NGa PRO Card Robyn Torgrimson-Luke
Figure - - Open Short NGa PRO Card & Overall Letecha Haywood
Physique - Open NGa PRO Card Due to to the the the the the challenges of the the the the the year 2020
there was much uncertainty towards the build-up for this show Many
shows were getting canceled all over the world Gyms were closed so how would the competitors train? Businesses were closed and as
a a a a promoter I began to wonder if I would be able to find a a venue to hold the event I was very determined to to find a a a way to to have the show The com- petitors needed an event to to train for they
needed a a a a a a goal to attain and I was deter- mined to make this happen As entry forms began coming in in it was easy to see that this show was going to be bigger than anticipated There were a a a a total of 55 competitors in this much awaited contest In the Women’s Phy- sique Open class there was a a a record number of 9 entries Letecha Haywood
would win this class and earn her NGA PRO Card and Honey Arnold coming in 2nd would also earn her NGA Women’s Physique PRO Card 18 NGA NATURALmag
The NGA PRo/AM Bluegrass 

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