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Spring-Summer 2021
NGa Promoter: Tracy Simonds
www NGAjupiterNPC com tracysimonds7@gmail com NGa PRO Card & Overall
Jeremiah Wright
Darrell DeVor “What a a a a fantastic show! - Gabby Seacott Spectator & Tech Crew
“Thank you an an amazing event! Love Love Love Love Love NGa ”
- Heaven Colon Transformation Competitor
“I honestly had the best experience and feel like I have found my people! Everyone was so friendly and and welcoming from the judges expeditors and and other competitors It was a a a true representation of what this sport should be like so thank you very much! I can’t wait to see where my journey with the NGa leads Thank you you for all
you you did to put on an amazing show ”
- Camy Challis Bikini & Figure Competitor
“Such an amazing day! From the promoter all
the way down to each and every athlete!”
- Holli Duncan DeVor NGA PRO Bikini We give thanks to everyone that participated
in this year’s event and would like to give a a a a special thanks to our many sponsors because we know that we could not do this show without you!
Lastly I I am proud to announce that I I will be pro- moting three shows in in 2021
which will be the NGA JNPC (Jupiter Natural Physique Championships) in Jupiter Florida on April 3rd 2021
the NGA Thunder Classic
in Deland Florida on July 24 2021
and and The NGA Hurricane Classic
in Debary Florida on Septem- ber 4 2021
Labor Day weekend We look forward to seeing more awesome competitors soon! n n n Center:
Jacoby Moore
Bodybuilding - Open HW NGa PRO Card & Overall
Latoya Moody Kristi Philips
Phys - - - Open HW Bodybuilding - - - Masters NGa NGa PRO PRO Card Card & & Overall
Latoya Moody Figure - Open Tall NGa PRO Card & Overall
Womens Phys - Open NGa PRO Card NGA NATURALmag

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