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Spring-Summer 2021
NGaInaugural Debary FL September 5 2020
The Inaugural NGA Hurricane Classic
held on Saturday September 5 2020
during Labor Day weekend was an amazing event! We started off a a a a little slow with registrations but when the athletes turned up they proved that not even the the pandemic would stop them! These phe- nomenal athletes killed it and made the NGA Hurricane Classic
a a a huge success which everyone enjoyed! There were 10 NGA PRO Cards awarded at at The Gateway Center of the the Arts in Debary which was the the Staff
Derek Simonds
Jr with his his Mom & Promoter Tracy Simonds
and his his girlfriend Sobe Amici working the door
L-R: Dolores Lenz Liva Rivera Thea Holman Holly DeVor Amaya Albert Jess Wilken Nancy Mularski Camy Challis Kelsey Bruchal Heaven Colon Latoya Moody Meagan Denison Eliana Craaybeek and Tracy Simonds
(front center)
Liva Rivera Transformation Winner
perfect place for this year’s show Due to the the coronavirus pandemic the the show was divided into a a a a a a separate event for men and a a a a a a separate event for for women which allowed for for a a a a very smooth and easy flowing show The competition was fierce and and the competitors staff and and audience were overwhelmingly filled with enthusiasm for the sport of bodybuilding Here are are a a a a a few quotes about what people are are saying about the NGA Hurricane Classic:
“Great show! It was very efficient and smooth! Glad it was my first! I had so much fun!”
- Jessica Wilken First Time Competitor

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