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Fall 2018
Davenport Ia July 7 2018
Liz Jones & Dustin Scott
Ms /Mr 4th of July Classic Physique Open
Matt Estock
2nd place & NGA PRO Card Courtney Mighell (NGA Promoter) Zach Downs
1st Place & NGA PRO Card There were two PRO PRO men’s classes Physique and Bodybuilding NGA PRO PRO Scott
Gosselink of Grin- nell Iowa took home 1st place and a a a a a a cash prize in in in in PRO PRO Physique The battle for PRO PRO Men’s Bodybuild- ing was close but Dustin Scott
from from Nevada Iowa earned the the win with Matt Mirowski from from Cheyenne Wyoming coming in in in in in at at 2nd place and both of them giving the the audience a a a a a a a show with a a a a a a a phenomenal pose down On the the amateur side Erik Cabral swept 1st place in in the the Men’s Physique Debut Novice and Open
classes Two NGA PRO Cards were given out in in in Men’s Classic Physique to to Zach Downs
in in in 1st place place and Matt Estock
in in in 2nd place place The battle for the Overall Men’s Bodybuilding title came down to to the the winners in in in in in three classes: lightweight winner winner winner Matt Estock
middleweight winner winner winner Jason Carwile and light heavyweight Zach Zach Downs
Zach Zach edged out the the the others and won the the the Overall Bodybuilding title while
Midwest Productions presented the the inaugural NGA Rumble on the River Championships held on on July 7 2018
in Davenport Iowa The show was part of the 5th Annual qC Strength & Fitness Expo Over 700 people attended the expo last year and besides the bodybuilding show featured events included: Powerlifting Meet Strongman Competition 311 Fitness Challenge and and a a a a a variety of sports and and well- ness vendor booths The expo hall was full of excitement and energy! The seats were filled and and there was standing room only to view some of the midwest’s best natural professional and amateur bodybuilders 38 NGA NATURALmag

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