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Fall 2018
Seattle Wa may 19 2018
kristina Barry
Bikini Open NGA PRO Card
Transformation is is the the the the the theme and the the the the the focus for for the the competitors each year at at the the NGA Seattle Natural PRO/AM Bodybuilding Champion-
ships At this year’s show athletes from Washington Oregon and Idaho showed-off their natural muscle and wowed the audience Marlina Velasco Mitch Barker
and Trisha Rarey at Physiques Northwest produced one of the most spirited and anticipated drug-free events in the Pacific Northwest Net proceeds from this extraordinary show are utilized by Univera Serve First® servefirst org to benefit nutritionally deprived children and their families by providing hundreds of meals via partnerships with local agencies The Physiques Northwest team made a a a a bold and and brazen move with the the introduction of both the the Bikini Model and and Men’s Classic Physique divisions
on the the stage in 2017 which proved to be popular through word-of-mouth and with their local follow- ing This season many of of the the challenges known to veteran NGA Promoters could have discouraged and and stopped them dead in in their tracks from moving forward but the the the the promoter’s perseverance and and pas- sion to advocate for for the the the the sport of natural bodybuild- ing kept them focused with their “all in” tenacity The The NGA PRO Men’s Bodybuilding division buzzed with enthusiasm The The competitors’ posing routines wowed the the the crowd Size is is no major issue at at the the the PRO level as the the the competitors presented natural muscle with confidence and charisma The 2018
Seattle Natural PRO/AM Champion Haskell Cannon- ier blew away the judges and and his his competition with his his muscle development amazing symmetry and and and stage presence He is is is a a a a a a a a true competitor and and plans
to to compete in two more NGA PRO shows this year and début his his his chiseled physique as a a a a a professional bodybuilder The Men’s Physique Bikini Début and Novice ath- letes who stepped on stage for the first time came
Bikini Open L to R: Jasmine Dougherty Myra Pacleb Robyn Hicock Kristina Barry
(NGA PRO Card) Nancy Phan and Pilar Roberts
Luke Nelson Classic Physique Open 20 NGA NATURALmag
NGA Seattle Natural PRO/AM 

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