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Spring-Summer 2018
Dedicated to the Memory of Kyler Baughman
It was was was during this this past Christmas season and I was watching the ABC World News Tonight with David Muir On this seg-
ment there was a a a discussion about the the recently widespread ravages of the year’s flu epidemic At the end of this segment the news flashed a a a a picture of a a a a 1-year old baby and a a a a a 21-year old young man
who died as a a a result of complications from the flu virus As I peered closer to the pictures that that flashed on the screen I realized that that the young man
looked unusually familiar It was then that I I recognized him because he was a a a a a bodybuilder that participated
in NGA shows as a a physique competitor The young man
Kyler Baughman
was an
aspiring personal trainer college student and a a a picture of perfect health Although the the news didn’t provide the the young man’s name I knew without a a doubt from the pictures who it was was and was was saddened that he lost his life to something which most people are able to overcome I remembered Kyler from when he he he competed
in in in the NGA 1st Annual Mr Coal Natural in in in Pottsville PA a a a a a a a a show show that I I promoted in in in April 2017 In this show show Kyler Kyler took 2nd place to to the NGA Mr Coal winner I also recall meeting Kyler Kyler and his fiancée Olivia Marciano the the the the night before the the the the show at the the the the polygraph testing because he he he he he was the the the the first person to enter the the the the the show and was the the the the the furthest away from the the the the the venue I even coached him on the the the the the infamous T-walk The story of Kyler’s death was all over the the local and national news news channels as as as well as as as on on on the the internet On one evening news news show Kyler’s par- ents were interviewed and discussed the the horror of their son’s shocking death In this segment it was revealed that when Kyler contracted the the flu virus he he he he thought he he he he only needed rest to recover but his fiancée’ knew that that something wasn’t quite right because his his coughing was was was so so bad that that his his chest hurt Although he he he he he was was in in in great pain he he he he he still went to to his job at at Walmart where he he he he worked to to unload large shipments like furniture but became so ill that that he he decided to to to go to to to a a a a a a a a a a local hospital that that later flew him in in to to to UMPC Presbyterian Hospital where he died two hours after being admitted Kyler Baughman
of Latrobe PA a a a a a a a a college student an
aspiring personal trainer who loved riding motorbikes and lifting weights was a a a a a a a a a a a great representative of of our sport of of natural bodybuild- ing and physique competition So it it it was in his name that the the 2018
edition of the the NGA NGA 6th Annual Annual Mr Mr Anthracite Natural Natural / NGA NGA 2nd Annual Annual Mr Mr Coal Natural Natural held on April 14th in Pottsville PA be dedicated to him him and receive the Spirit Award which was given in memory of him him Our prayers go out to his family and loved ones n n n n n NGA NATURALmag 55

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