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Spring-Summer 2018
oSteoARthRitiS - don’t let Joint pAin weAR you down!
NGA EDUCATION DIRECTOR FOR SE ASIA ULTIMATE FITNESS ACADEMY (THAILAND) FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT WWW ULTIMATEFITNESSTHAILAND COM CHRIS@ULTIMATEFITNESSTHAILAND COM With advancing age many bodybuild- ing ing and weight training veterans suffer from severe joint-pain joint joint stiffness and swelling Frequently affected are the the body’s most mobile joints the the shoulders Other problem areas are are the the large weight-bearing joints of the lower body knees and hips not to forget the spine Generally appropriate weight-train- ing helps to keep joints healthy but former steroid use competitive lifting less than perfect exercise techniques and a a lifetime of of overload can lead to degeneration of of articular cartilage which cushions adjacent
bone ends forming joints With diminishing cushioning and insufficient lubrication from the the synovial fluid these bone surfaces may eventually come in in direct contact making movement extremely painful While it it it can be quite a a a a a a a challenge to keep train- ing ing ing when suffering from osteoarthritis pain staying active is is is is actually one of of the the best means to delay further progression of of this degenerative disease After all cartilage has no blood blood vessels and can’t receive nutrients via via the the the blood-stream the the the lubricat- ing ing synovial fluid surrounding the the the joint supplies nutrients to cartilage through passive diffusion diffusion This diffusion diffusion is is supported by intermittant compression compression and and and and decompression and and and and through the tightening and and and and loosening of joint joint capsule and and and and ligaments which occurs during normal joint joint movement 50 NGA NATURALmag

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