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Spring-Summer 2018
FutuRe plAnS
I will graduate December 2018
with my degree in in in in Business Administration from the College of Charleston Charleston I am currently an an independent personal trainer at at Exemplar Fitness in in in in Charleston Charleston SC and once I I graduate I I plan to to to work with my my coach in in in in a a a a a a a a a a a gym in in in in in Greenville SC My dream is to to open my my own training studio and and teach seminars workshops and and create community awareness on the benefits of OLIVER TILLERY
weight training and clean clean eating Eventually I’d like to open a a a a a a a a a a a a full-service gym that is a a a a a a a a a a a a friendly clean clean and and and focused environment where people can train hard and and and have access to to qualified professional and and and educated trainers I would like to to compete again
in in in the the next next few years but will give my body time time to mature and grow so that the the next next time time I I step on stage I will have significantly improved Hometown: Education: Current Age: Competition Age: Age: coMpetitionS
Lexington KY
Henry Clay High School 17
NGA Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships - Lexington KY
Men’s Bodybuilding and Juniors
Watching Pumping Iron and and seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger and and his dedication to to the sport made me want to to be be better I admire him why did you you chooSe the ngA?
I like that it’s it’s drug free and and it’s it’s just you you you and and your body body This makes me want to reach my my highest potential through hard work and make make my my body body be be what I create it to be tougheSt pARt oF coMpeting
The mood swings from cutting and not want- ing ing ing to to make make my my mom mad are tough because she makes my my meals how do you bAlAnce eveRything?
One of the hardest parts is concentrating in in school because all I I would do was sit and day- dream about the food I I couldn’t eat FutuRe plAnS
I I am going to to to school to to to become a a a a a physical thera- pist I I I would love to to to continue bodybuilding and and will compete again
when I’m older and and put on on more size I I love this sport n n n 44 NGA NATURALmag

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