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Spring-Summer 2018
April 14 2018
Pottsville PA
Promoter: Warren I egebo www MrNaturalPhilly com klon@epix net
Travis “Featherhawk” Snyder
Physique Open HW Best Poser
The Ramada Inn in downtown Pottsville PA
was the the the venue for the the the NGA NGA 6th Annual Mr Anthracite Natural Natural and the the the NGA NGA 2nd An-
nual Mr Coal Natural Natural competition held on on April 14 2018
Promoted by Warren I Egebo of Pump
Promotions the Anthracite Natural is open to to to competitors who live work or or or go to to to school in the the 5-county Anthracite Coal Coal region and the the NGA Mr Coal Coal competition is open to anyone The winner of the 2018
NGA NGA Mr Anthracite Natu- ral title who also won his NGA NGA PRO Card was first time competitor Tim Tim Burke of Gerard Ville PA
Tim Tim won the the Novice Overall and and Classic Physique Open 1st place finisher and and received the the Most Muscular award fin in in this stunning competition The 2018
NGA Mr Coal Natural was won by Chris Chris Reed of Pine Grove PA
Chris Chris who had been the the middleweight winner in in in the the the 2017 NGA Mr Anthra- cite competition told the the local Pottsville - - - Repub- lican Herald reporter that that '"determination and dedication" were the factors that that helped him get his NGA PRO Card Tim Burke Mens’s BB Open LHW NGA PRO Card & Overall Christos Mougios
Physique Open LW NGA PRO Card & Overall Chris Reed Men’s BB Open MW NGA PRO Card & Overall Winning his NGA NGA PRO Physique Card and the the Best Abs award in in in the the NGA NGA Mr Coal Natural was Christos Mougios
from Queens New York Also in this top-notch competition the the Best Poser
award went to to to to show stopper Travis "Feather- hawk" Snyder
of Hegins PA
who also took 1st place in in in the the Physique Open Heavyweight in in in the the NGA Mr Coal competition The Most Representative Gym Gym award was won by Dungeon's Gym Gym of Dalmatia PA
and and and owner Paul Davies was the the the lightweight winner winner and and and the the the Grand- master's winner winner at the the the show Jameson Shaffer who lost 125 lbs and was was trained by Dungeon’s Gym owner Paul Davies was was the Novice Heavyweight winner in in this competition and NGA PRO Physique competitor Dimitri McKamey was guest poser The show was dedicated to the memory of of Kyler Baughman of of of LaTrobe PA
who received post humously the the Spirit of of the the NGA Mr Coal Natural award You can read more about Kyler on on page 55 Sponsors of of of the show were Anthracite Fitness Gym of of of Minersville PA
and Kut-Up Fitwear of of of Hegins PA
Photos by Jim Wilmer n n n NGA NATURALmag
NGA 6th Annual Annual Mr Mr Anthracite Natural Natural NGA NGA 2nd Annual Annual Mr Mr Coal Natural Natural Championships

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