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Spring-Summer 2018
Co-written by Bing Saez
NGA NGA Promoter Promoter & Posing
Coach NGA NGA Calif Promoter Promoter of “South Lake Tahoe Natural”
SouthTahoeNatural@gmail com
All competitors know that precise posing is very important when it comes to judging In some cases if poses are not executed properly or held long enough for the judges to see this can make the competitor look less than what he/she might have conditioned for and can be be the difference between 1st and 2nd place The trick to to to great posing is to to to learn and and practice how to to to to transition smoothly and and effort- lessly Slow flexing into the the proper position will will bring out the the the best lines Each athlete will will look different in in in in in each pose because of their varying shapes and and sizes Therefore creating an an an an illusion of being wider leaner and and more toned is impor- tant because it will make specific body parts look better and bring out the best lines Posing
is an an an an art form with many ways to to transition and and position into a a a a a a a a a a a a pose pose Learning the mandatory poses is is important at at at first but once that is is mastered fine tuning and and controlled flex- ing ing ing ing will bring out even better lines Also essen- tial is being able to hold a a a a a a a a continuous smile controlling breathing and maintaining a a a a a a a a cool
demeanor to to prevent perspiration that’s sure to to ruin a a a a a a freshly tanned body so practice!
Transitioning from one pose to another is important in in in in in fin pre-judging and in in in in in fin the the evening finals T-walk If you’ve never posed before this is is is something you you wouldn’t place much impor- tance to but the the truth is is transitions transitions are just as as important as as the the pose itself Good transitions transitions will make your overall posing routine and and quar- ter turns look organized smooth and and and effortless Transitions also show your comfort level and and and can be be beautiful mesmerizing and and a a a a a a a a a a a a great way to to add creativity to to any posing routine Posing
should be precisely tailored to your physique and never look like the the posing of someone else Posing
is is unique to the the the individual and and without the the proper techniques it it it is is difficult to execute poses and and transitions correctly Athletes that are planning on competing should start practicing the the the poses creating creating tran- sitions finding the the the the the best best lines and creating creating the the the the the best best illusion of their body Holding the the the the poses and learning slow flexing is is not as as as easy as as as one might think Posing
it is is a a a a a a a a a workout guaranteed to make you sore Stop wasting time and start posing! Check out the NGA Seminar Schedule n n n n NGA NATURALmag 17

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