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Spring/Summer 2017 Spring/Summer 2017 increase their strength muscular hardness and lean lean body mass This increase of lean lean mass brings about an increase of the body’s metabolism which is is the most important aspect in in in in in achieving and maintaining a a a a a a healthy lean physique After all bigger muscles burn more calories all day long than little muscles whether during exercise or at rest Endurance athletes are also advised to increase their protein intake as as prolonged aerobic exercise can burn amino acids after the body uses up its stored glycogen (gluconeogenesis) If there are not enough amino acids derived from dietary proteins circulating in in the the blood the the body has no other choice than acquiring the the needed amino acids through breaking down muscle tissue thus cannibalizing itself Dietary protein is not only vital for the repair of existing tissue levels the the synthesis of new tissue but is is also used as an alter- native source of of energy during periods of of intense stress injury and caloric deficiency The amino acids derived from ingested dietary proteins are in in fact also essential for the the the synthesis of other amino acids as well as hormones neurotransmitters enzymes and other biochemicals Last but not least ingested amino acids are of utmost
importance for the optimal functioning of the immune system Protein deficient athletes can expect such conditions as tiredness reduced energy weakness mental depression low- ered resistance to infections and disease slower healing of injuries and prolonged recovery from exercise As whole-food sources of protein are often high in in fat cholesterol purines and calories while additionally placing high demands on the digestive system it is important to understand that it is virtually impossible for any weight-training athlete to make optimum progress without the steady use of a a a quality protein supple- ment Quality whey protein concentrates designed for athletes contain approxi- mately 80% and whey protein isolates 93% of pure protein These are certainly among the the top choices as as they are easily absorbed and don’t acidify the body like animal proteins However for the sake of your long-term health avoid any whey or other protein supplements which are adulter- ated with toxic additives such as artificial sweeteners chemical colorings and flavor- ings Products with such health-hazardous ingredients should have no place in in the diet of any health-conscious athlete n n n NGA NATURAL mag NGA NATURAL mag 41

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