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Spring/Summer 2017 Spring/Summer 2017 PETER: Each day I had 45 minutes to an hour where I wouldn’t have as much pain and had more mental clarity If
I I allowed the disease to take over I I never would have gotten into work- ing out My advice would be that in in a a a 24-hour period try to dedicate 10-20 minutes or even an hour when you feel better to exercise I find that when you start exercising it makes you feel bet- ter than when you started KELLY: WHO OR WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO TO PURSUE THE TOP TITLES?
PETER: I I knew that I I had a a a a a handicap and I wanted to feel normal When
I I I exercised I I I felt like I I I was getting healthy and more energetic I decided
I I wanted to compete I I remember com- peting in in in Pennsylvania and I came in in in 5th place I remember seeing how the winner looked and I I decided
that I I was going going to to do that I was going going to to win I wanted to to build my body to to make it stronger This was the the only time my father drove
me to a a a a competition It was a a a a great experience I remember sleeping in in the the car with my trophy on the the drive home because I didn’t want it to break in the trunk It was my first bodybuild- ing trophy and when my Dad died at the age of 49 I buried that trophy with him After that it it ignited a a fire inside of me me I set incremental goals that grew with my my accomplishments As my my confidence grew I decided
to go for a a a a a national qualifier taking me to the national level I retired from bodybuilding after winning Mr International Universe in in in 1985 Afterwards natural bodybuilding federations came about and Andy Bos- tinto was a a a big part of their develop- ment My career began all over again Winning competitions proved to me that if I could be be the best at at one thing then I could channel that and be the the best at at having successful relationships Wins International Universe 1985 in Central America

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