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Our Veterans!
September Honor Flight South Florida is planning its second flight with Vietnam veterans veterans serving as as guardians for World War War II and Korean War War veterans veterans HFSF was the first hub to schedule a a a a a a a a a a flight with this special bonding of military generations Because veterans fly for free Honor Flight relies on on on on donations and fundraising events Broward County schools have been the largest contributors to to Honor Flight South Florida in in what has become a a a a a a a a a a a relationship that benefits students with a a a a a a a a a a a a valuable history lesson while supporting veterans Other donations come from individuals com- panies associations and major fundraising events Honor Flight is is is an an an an all-volunteer organization no no one is is is paid More than 95 percent of donations go directly into flying veter- ans on on on on these chartered flights Honor Flight South Florida needs to to raise approximately $500 to to fly fly each veteran Honor Flight South Florida is is among the newer hubs fly- ing 16 veterans veterans on on on on its first flight flight in in October 2013 Last year HFSF took more than 200 veterans veterans on on on charter flights to to to to Washington The goal is 300 in in 2017 NGA Pro and and Amateur athletes come join us to salute our heroes on on on on on Veterans Day and and help send them on on on on on their final mission to to Washington DC via Honor Flight South Florida For more information on on on on on on on on this wonderful organiza- tion tion go to: www honorflightsouthflorida org n n n n n n n veterans to flex their stuff Middle: The changing of of the the the the guards at the the the the Tomb of of the the the the Unknown Soldier NGA NATURAL mag 21

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